Brand Story

Story 1: More Than 20 Years of Continuous Solid Friendship

In the early morning of 24th April2014 in Guangzhou, when the exhibition hall for the 115th Canton Fair was just opened, a grey-haired but dynamic man and a handsome young man had already waited in the booth of Solid Company for a long time.

The older man, who is the president of a famous family enterprise in Netherlands, was making a special trip with his son to Chinato visit his old friend, which he had known for nearly 20 years. The family enterprise is a houseware company which has a history of over 100 years.

The customer took out a piece of paper with the words "EASY CLEAN - 135000" from his bag gladly and suggested to take a group photo. The reason that he made this trip is to congratulate the achievement of the total sales of one type of specially designed coffee pot, which was developed by Solid and his company 10 years ago, exceeding 130,000 pieces in Netherlands. "

"The quality of their products is very good, we are good friends. Solid is a really reliable company!" The man repeated the words to his son.

Story 2: SOLID Double Wall Coffee Jugs Used on EU Summit
SolidWare products have been used at the EU Summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel pours coffee for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in her hand is our double wall coffee pot.

Story 3: Vacuum Cup of the Same Brand as Grandpa Jiang Zemin

During a mid-autumn Day of 2014, I came to the place that accommodated Chairman Mao in theMoganMountain.

Entering into the 1st exhibition hall of the villa, I was attracted by the 1st photo on the wall which showed Jiang Zemin listened to the work report in his visit to Mogan Mountainon October 17, 2003. In the center of the picture, a SolidWare vacuum cup lies on the table in front of Grandpa Jiang Zemin. It was said to be the first generation of the bullet-type stainless vacuum cup in China. And I've also used the cup of the same brand for over 10 years.

Knowing that I have used the vacuum cup of the same brand with Grandpa Jiang Zemin made me very excited and love this Chinese brand even more.

There was also a detail in the picture: it was several bottles of water and a cup of tea on other tables, but the SolidWare vacuum cup on the table in front of Jiang Zemin, which I believed showed his trust and approval toward SolidWare products.

Story 4: Grandma Yan's Vacuum Cup

It was the time to respect the elderly during the coming Double Ninth Festival of 2014. A group from SolidWare came to the retirement community of Shuyuan Town, Pudong, together with boxes of vacuum cups they had prepared in advance.

Having given away the gifts, we visited the residents. In the room of Grandma Yan who was over 90 years old, we accidently found an old vacuum cup made by Solid about 20 years ago, the stainless steel cup could have been mistaken for one of the new cups that were given out.

Grandpa Yan said, "It's a good cup". The longevity of SolidWare products is one of the most important advantages of the company and this was proof of that.

Story 5: Old Yang's Marathon

The 2014 Shanghai International Marathon started at 7:00 a.m. on November 2 with a shot of the starting gun. Over 35,000 runners from more than 80 countries came to challenge themselves and endure the grueling 26.2 miles.

Old Yang is 59 years old and loves exercises. He has taken to long-distance running since he participated in theMarathonin 2012 when SolidWare was the sponsor of the 2012 Shanghai International Marathon. This year, Old Yang registered again and it was the third consecutive time that he takes part in this event. Though he ran the marathon alone, he was backed with the full support of the SolidWare staff.

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