Stainless Steel Thermal Food Jar / Vacuum Food Jar


Vacuum Insulated Food Container, Stainless Steel Jar, Thermos Food Jar

Noteworthy Advantages
1. Our thermos food container keeps the nutrition and freshness of your dishes and is a necessity in kitchen.
2. This kind of vacuum food jar has a volume of 2.2 L, suitable for storage and preservation of office lunch.
3. Our thermal insulated container for hot food is also easy to clean and wash due to a 305 mm mouth.
4. Food grade stainless steel and PP cap provide a strong guarantee of food security and safety.

Product Details of Our Thermos Food Jar

High Quality Raw Material
Our vacuum insulated food container is made using 18/8 stainless steel, which provides properties like impact resistance, corrosion resistance and smoothness.

Food Grade PP Tank
The layer design meets the demands for preservation and storage of several kinds of food.

Usage Methods
1. You’d better clean our stainless steel food container with clean water.
2. You should add some hot water or cool water into our thermal insulated food jar for preheating or precooling, allowing for an optimal insulation effect.
3. For stubborn stains on the inwall, you can add some warm water and neutral detergent in our thermos container and let site for half an hour. After that, just use one soft crush or sponge and wash the food jar with clean water.
4. Our vacuum food jar should be kept dry and clean if you will not use it for a long time.

1. Children are required under adults’ watch and guidance to use our vacuum insulated food jar.
2. It’s prohibited to fill our stainless steel food container with dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or other easy-to-rot dairy products.
3. Don't clean our thermal insulated food jar with dish washing machine.
4. Dropping, colliding or other serious impacting should be avoided to ensure a good thermal preservation.

Customized Service
The SVJ-D food jar generally has a capacity of 1.5L. If you have some special requirements, we can also provide thermos container upon request.

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