Stainless Steel Thermal Food Jar / Vacuum Food Jar


Vacuum Jar, Stainless Steel Jar, Thermal Stainless Steel Thermal Food Jar / Vacuum Food Jar

Main Properties
1. Our hot food container jar remains the nutrition and freshness for a long time, without any electricity consumption.
2. This kind of thermos container jar is the first choice of housewives for the long time preservation of dishes, soup and more.
3. A wide mouth makes our thermos container for hot food easy to place and easy to wash.
4. Food grade stainless steel and PP lid guarantees the safety of users.

More Details of Our Food Container

304 Stainless Steel Inner Tank
Our thermal vacuum food container makes use of 304stainless steel and provides good capacity of anti-impact and corrosion resistance.

High Security Silicone Ring
A silicone ring in the cap significantly reduces heat loss and has features like odorless, non-toxic, hygiene and anti-aging.

Usage Methods
1. Our insulated lunch container should be thoroughly cleaned for the first time usage.
2. If you are disturbed by stubborn stains residues, warm water, neutral detergent and a soft brush can well fix this problem.
3. Please keep our thermal vacuum food container clean and dry if you will not use it for a long time.

1. Hot food or soup sometimes may cause scalding or burns, please keep little kids or children away from other hot food jar.
2. It's forbidden to heat our stainless steel container for food with heating devices, like microwaves, ovens, induction cookers and more.
3. Our thermos lunch container should not be used to carry or store dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice and easy-to-rot dairy products.
4. It's not safe to clean up our vacuum insulated food container with a dish washing machine.
5. Our thermal vacuum food jar should be protected from dropping, colliding or impacts, considering deformation or decreased heat preservation performance.

Customized Service
For SVJ-E, the volume is generally 0.35L. We also provide three colors to choose from, blue, red and brown. We also provide customized service.

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