Double Walled Insulated Stainless Steel Mug


Beer Container, Insulated Beverage Cooler, Double Walled Beer Cooler

Outstanding Advantages
1. A double walled structure allows for a good heat insulation capacity.
2. This kind of cooler is most often used as the container of ice, beers, beverage in dining rooms.
3. Both edge and base have been fine finished and provide good user experience.
4. Compared to SDW-2000AM, one special feature of this beer container is the clever designed layer, which separates ice cubes from melt water and slows down the melting of ice cubes.

Some Details of Our Insulated Beer Container

1. Smooth Base and Edge
The well processed base and edge provides a simple and compact looking. Also, this thermal beer dispenser is also hard to be toppled over due to a flat and solid foundation.

2. Stainless Steel Double Wall
The inwall has been well grinded, easy to clean. The double wall is made using thicken stainless steel, which shows high firmness, long lifespan, good insulation performance and no scratches.

3. Separate Layer
The layer inside the container separates ice cubes from water and ensures lasting and good heat insulation.

Application Methods
1. A thorough cleaning should be carried out before usage.
2. For those stubborn stains, such as tea or coffee stains, you can fix such problems by using neutral detergents, soaking the container in warm water for about 30 minutes, cleaning it with a soft brush or sponge and finally washing it with clean water.
3. You need thoroughly clean our beer cooler and stay it dry for long time non-use.

1. Please do not use microwaves, ovens, induction cookers or other devices to heat our containers.
2. Our thermal beverage dispenser should be prevented from collision, impact or dropping in order to avoid deformation or decreased insulation effects.

Customized Coolers
Our SDW-2000BM beverage and beer cooler is designed a volume of 2L. We also provide customized coolers for special requirements.

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