Double Walled Insulated Stainless Steel Mug


Insulated Beverage Container, Stainless Steel Cooler, Beer Container

Main Characteristics
1. The thickened double-wall design ensures a great heat insulation performance.
2. The 2.0L large volume makes our stainless steel cooler suitably used as the container of ice beers or beverages.
3. The precision manufacturing process ensures a smooth base and edge.

Details of Our Insulated Beverage Container

1. Smooth Base and Edge
The base and edge has been fine grinded and processed, providing a smooth and soft hand feeling. A flat base also makes sure the container won't be toppled over easily.

2. Stainless Steel Double Wall
In our beer container, the stainless steel provides high strength, durability and easy-to-clean. The double wall leads to a marvelous insulated capacity, ensuring you have a cool summer.

How to Use
1. Before usage, please give a thorough washing and cleaning to the stainless steel cooler.
2. If there are some stubborn stains attached on the inwall, you can add some neutral detergents into warm water, soak the container for about 30 minutes, then brush the inwall with a soft brush or scrub with a sponge and last clean it with clean water.
3. For a long period of non-use, you need to clean up the double walled cooler and keep it dry.

1. Please do not use microwaves, ovens, induction cookers or other devices to heat our containers.
2. Our thermal beverage dispenser should be protected from any collision, impact or dropping in order to avoid deformation or decreased insulation effects.

Customized Service
The existing SDW-2000AM cooler is 2L volume. We are also able to provide beer containers on request. The detailed data are as follows:

Item no. SDW-2000AM
ID 206105
N.W. 5.6 KGS
G.W. 7.4 KGS
MEAS 545x370x250 MM
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