Stainless Steel Thermal Travel Mug / Vacuum Mug


Thermal Insulated Cup, Vacuum Insulated Server, Vacuum Mug

Major Advantages
1. Concise arc design, nice and noble appearance.
2. A large volume of 0.4L.
3. A wide mouth of 560mm, easy to clean and wash.
4. FDA approved stainless steel, healthy and secure.

More Details of Our Thermos Mug

The thermal insulated cup is covered with a drawing of 2016 Brazil Olympics, suitable for drinking beer or fruit juice in this international sports event.

The well selected stainless steel releases the threats of many corrosive substances, greatly ensuring safety and security.

Seamless and smooth liner is easy to clean and hides no stains.

The 2mm thick vacuum layer not only effectively cuts off the thermal transmission and keeps the mug body suitable for holding, but provides a wonderful insulation effect. Our vacuum insulated server is the first choice for storing ice beer or beverage in summer and hot coffee or tea in cold winter.

How to Use
1. Please use clean water to wash our stainless steel cup before usage.
2. Please fill a little of hot water or cool water in our vacuum mug for preheating or precooling, allowing for a best preservation performance.
3. For tea stains or coffee stains attached on the inwall, you are advised to use some warm water and neutral detergent. After soaking for half an hour, use a soft brush or sponge to clean the stains.
4. For a long period of non-usage, please stay our stainless steel vacuum flask clean and dry.

1. It's prohibited to heat our thermos cup with microwaves, ovens, induction cookers or fire.
2. Our insulated thermal jug should be prevented from dropping, colliding or strong impacts, avoiding deformation or declined insulation capacity.

Customized Service
For SVC-400B thermal insulated bottle, we offer many colors for you to choose from: silver, white, red, yellow, sky blue, light blue, golden and so forth. You can also inform us of your certain requirements.








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