Custom Flasks / Bottles

Vacuum Flask, Stainless Steel Bottle, Portable Water Bottle

Our line of flasks and bottles include a variety of different portable containers that can be used for both food and beverages. SolidWare vacuum flasks feature several design options including special patterned flasks.

    1. Thermal Bottle SolidWare stainless steel vacuum flasks are highly versatile containers that are extremely effective at insulating your food and drinks in order to maintain their temperature.
    1. Canteen Bottle Military style canteens were originally designed for simple functionality but we took it a step further. Our designers here at SolidWare created stylish and sleek stainless steel canteens that not only hold your drink, but also look great.

The primary strength of these products is their durability, which is very important when you consider their portability. Stainless steel is an ideal material because of its physical strength and chemical resistance, making it suitable for almost any food and drink container.