Stainless Steel Canteen Bottle


Stainless Steel Canteen, Water Bottle, Military Type Teapot

Major Advantages
1. This kind of military bottle has won International IF Design Award and received consistent approbation from both domestic and foreign clients.
2. It's a professional military type canteen for outdoor lovers.
3. The function lid can also act as a cup and compass, greatly simplifies your package.
4. The arc shape body fit perfectly with human body.
5. The detachable foundation can also be used as kitchen utensil.

Product Details of Our Military Bottle

1. Lid with Compass
Our lid can also work as a cup as well as a compass. It helps a lot for outdoor lovers when they are lost in the wild.

2. Arc Shape Body
The entire body of our stainless steel military canteen well complies with human body mechanics. It's a big advantage over other regular water cups. This military type teapot avoids the swing or moving while walking, convenient and easy to carry.

Food Grade Stopper
The stopper is made from PP material, which makes the stopper easy to unscrew and saves energy.

Stainless Steel Foundation
In order to satisfy the demands of outdoor sports, SVT-700 water bottle is outfitted with a detachable foundation, which can function as kitchen utensil under special circumstances.

How to Use
1. For the first time usage, please clean the lid, topper and interior with clean water.
2. Before usage, please use some hot water or cool water for preheating or precooling, which leads to an optimal insulation effect.
3. For stubborn stains, you can add some warm water and neutral detergent in our stainless steel canteen and let it sit for 30 minutes. After that, brush the interior with a soft brush or sponge and finally wash it with clean water.
4. For a long period of non-usage, our military type kettle should be kept clean and dry.

1. Hot water may be dangerous, children shouldn't use our stainless steel military canteen on their own.
2. It's forbidden to heat our military water bottle with heating devices, like microwaves, ovens, induction cookers and more.
3. Our insulated military canteen should be protected from dropping, colliding or impacts, considering deformation or decreased heat preservation performance.

Customized Service
We provide two capacities for clients to choose from, 0.6L and 0.7L. Only military water cup with a 0.7L capacity has a dismountable foundation, which can be used as kitchen utensil.


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