Stainless Steel Canteen Bottle


Military Type Cups, Thermal Insulated Canteen, Hot Thermos

Attractive Strengths
1. We especially designed and produced this military type cup for outdoor lovers.
2. The lid also functions as a cup. What's more, it's equipped with s compass.
3. The arc shape well fits the human body.
4. The foundation plate is dismountable and can function as kitchen utensil.

More Details of Our Stainless Steel Canteen Bottle

Functional Lid
Besides the normal use of a lid, our cap can also act as a water cup of 100ml and a direction indicator. It has won high praise from our countless customers.

Arc Shape Body
The whole body line well complies with the human body mechanics. Compared to traditional kettles, our stainless steel military canteen achieves a closed-fit to human body and avoids the swing or moving while walking. It's very convenient and lightens your burden.

Application Methods
1. For the first usage, you need to clean up our military type cup carefully.
2. Some hot water or cool water should be filled into our teapot for preheating or precooling, allowing for the best insulation performance.
3. As for stubborn stains on the inwall, you can add some warm water and neutral detergent in our thermos military cup and let sit for 30 minutes. After that, brush the interior with a soft brush or sponge and finally wash it with clean water.
4. For a long period of non-usage, please keep our military canteen clean and dry.

Matters Need Attention
1. Hot water may be dangerous, children are required under adults’ guidance and watch to use our insulated military bottle.
2. Please do not use microwave, oven, induction cooker or other devices to heat our vacuum insulated military cup.
3. Please do not use our military type bottle as the container of dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or dairy products.
4. Please protect our thermal insulated canteen from dropping, colliding or strong impacts to avoid deformation or decreased insulation performance.

Customized Service
We mainly produce two capacities of SVT military cups, 0.6L and 0.7L. Only for the military bottle of 0.7L, its foundation can function as a kitchen utensil.



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