Stainless Steel Thermal Travel Bottle / Sports Bottle

SSF-580(580ml), SSF-780(780ml)

Outdoor Bottle, Insulated Water Container, Water Bottle

Main Features
1. Our SSF sport bottle has gained the recognition of Red Star Design Award for its superior quality and high security.
2. The straw design makes it convenient to drink water when it's not easy for you to open the bottle.
3. Our compact vacuum flask bottle can be hung on your travelling bag or bicycle.
4. The bottle of our sport bottle is painted with the drawing of 2016 Brazil Olympic Games, which makes it popular with sports fans.
5. Nationally approved, our straw and silicone seal ring will not decompose or release any harmful substances at a high temperature.

Other Detailed Information

Shown here is Red Star Design Award our SSF sport bottle received.

Single Wall Stainless Steel
Our sports kettle is made using 18/8 stainless steel, with a high degree of finish and a smooth inwall. The core advantage of our outdoor bottle lies in impact and corrosion resistance.

Creative Cap
The cap is designed with a retractable straw. You don’t have to unscrew the cap, convenient and hygiene.

FAD Approved Seal Ring
An effective reduction of temperature loss can be achieved by the good quality silicone seal ring. The ring also has no odor and no toxicants.

How to Use
1. Before usage, please clean all parts of our insulated kettle, like cap, inwall and more.
2. To have the best preservation effect, please add some hot water or cool water into our sport bottle for preheating or precooling.
3. While usage, you can drink water directly with the straw.
4. When it comes to stubborn stains on the inwall, you can pour some warm water in our jug, add some neutral detergent and let sit for 30 minutes. After that, brush the inwall with a soft brush or sponge and wash it with clean water.
5. For a long time of non-usage, our jug should be thoroughly cleaned and stay dry.

1. Hot water may be dangerous, children are required under adults’ guidance and watch to use our insulated sport bottle.
2. Please do not use microwave, oven, induction cooker or other devices to heat our outdoor sports stainless steel kettle.
3. Please do not use our bottle as the container of dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or dairy products.
4. Don't wash our sports kettle with dish washing machine.
5. Please protect our thermal insulated sport bottle from dropping, colliding or strong impacts to avoid deformation or decreased insulation performance.

Customized Service
This Brazil Olympics style sports bottle has two colors for you to choose, silver grey and red. The drawing, size and other parameters can be designed according to your standards.

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