Thermal Bottle / Vacuum Flask

Vacuum Water Bottle, Stainless Steel Water Cup, Thermal Insulated Flask

SolidWare stainless steel vacuum flasks are highly versatile containers that are extremely effective at insulating your food and drinks in order to maintain their temperature. Vacuum flasks are portable and durable thanks to their stainless steel design, making them perfect for camping, work and any number of activities where you would want to bring food or drinks with you.

The double wall construction of these containers can keep food items, such as soups and drinks like coffee and tea, hot for hours. They are also effective at keeping your cold drinks cold.

SolidWare takes great care when designing our flasks in terms of functionality as well as with the aesthetic design. Stainless steel is always appealing to the eye and our designers have developed these beautiful flasks that are a great combination of style and performance.