Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe / Glass Lined Vacuum Pot


Vacuum Insulated Airpot, Thermal Insulated Teapot, Insulated Jug

Noteworthy Features
1. Wonderful insulation capacity. We've conducted series of thermal tests to our vacuum teapot and the testing report shows that our thermal insulated pot possesses excellent heat preservation and enjoys a 6h temperature of 75℃. Generally, the service life of our glass lined thermal airpot is 5 years.
2. The Middle East style. In order to satisfy our overseas market demands, we designed and produced this kind of teapot. It's an outstanding difference from our other kinds of vacuum insulated jugs.
3. Large volume. This thermal carafe is perfect to meet the water demands of three people in group discussion, picnics and so forth.
4. Easy to clean. The well designed mouth and inwall makes the cleaning work simple.
5. Hygiene and healthy. The glass shell and silver coating contains no harmful substances.
6. FDA approved cap and seal ring. The cap is produced from stainless steel, free from rust or corrosion. The silicone seal ring will not be decomposed and released any toxicants at a high temperature, ensuring no contamination to the water.

Details of Our Vacuum Insulated Airpots

18/8 Stainless Steel Enclosure
Made using 18/8 stainless steel, our glass lined thermal tea dispenser is anti-impact, corrosion resistant and surface smooth. The poor heat conductivity of stainless steel also ensures the junior and children won't be hurt by our vacuum insulated teapots. 7612

Fine Patterns
There are beautiful patterns on the cap and body, catering the aesthetic value of people in the Middle East. Our Arabian clients told us our vacuum airpot quickly became one favorite on the market.

Push Button & Well-Designed Spout
A push button on the cap saves energy of pouring water as well as prevents the potential hurts resulted from hot steam. A leakage proof spout leaves no water stains on your table, clean and convenient.

Cap & Seal Ring
The detachable cap aids a lot in cleaning and washing. The FDA approved silicone seal ring achieves remarkable decrease in temperature loss. What’s more, the ring also possesses a long service life.

Application Methods
1. Before the first usage, you need to clean the cap, inwall and other parts.
2. In order to realize the best insulation performance, some hot water or cool water should be filled into our teapot for preheating or precooling.
3. Press down the button and tilt our glass lined jug, water will come out of the spout.
4. If there are some stubborn stains adhered to the inwall, you can add some neutral detergent into warm water, and soak our vacuum insulated pot for 30 minutes, then brush it with a soft brush or scrub with a sponge, finally clean the vacuum teapot with plenty of water.
5. For a long period of non-usage, please keep our thermal insulated server clean and dry.

1. Please don't heat our glassed lined vacuum jug with microwaves, ovens, induction cookers or fire.
2. Our insulated thermal teapot cannot act as the container for dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or easy-to-rot dairy products.
3. Please don't wash our glass lined airpot with dish washing machine.
4. Our vacuum jug should be protected from impact, colliding and dropping to avoid any impacts on the insulation capacity.
5. Children should use our glass lined pot under guidance.

Customized Service
We have the ability to provide glass lined thermal teapot upon request.

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