Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe / Glass Lined Vacuum Pot


Insulated Jug, Vacuum Flask, Vacuum Thermal Airpot

Outstanding Features
1. Our glass lined vacuum insulated airpot provides great preservation performance. 6 hours later, the boiled water filled in our vacuum insulated dispenser only decreases to 75 ℃. Such remarkable thermal insulated teapot can serve you for as long as five years, which is a huge advantage over other similar jugs.
2. Equipped with highly polished technique and good quality stainless steel, our glass lined insulated thermal pot shows a compact and simple looking and attracts many clients all over the world.
3. The water volume of our vacuum teapot is 1L, ideal for the discussion or afternoon tea for three people.
4. Both glass shell and silver costing has a high degree of security and contains no harmful materials, like asbestos.
5. To ensure zero contamination to the water, the spout, glass liner and silicone seal ring are all made in compliance with FDA standards.

Noteworthy Configurations

304 Stainless Steel Casing
The housing of our thermal tea dispenser utilizes stainless steel and is characterized by anti-impact, smoothness, easy-to-clean, corrosion resistance and more. A firm casing well protects the glass shell from breaking. Also, a low thermal conductivity of stainless steel makes it easy to hold our teapot.

Glass Shell
Our vacuum thermal airpot is outfitted with a glass shell, the ideal combination of excellent heat preservation capacity and affordable price, making our airpot popular in the market. The smooth surface hides no stains, hygiene and healthy. An openable base makes it no longer difficult to replace the glass shell.

Push Button Cap
One special feature of this glass lined vacuum teapot lies in the push button cap, which well avoids the hurts or injuries resulted from high temperature steam. Not only that, the cap is also anti-leakage, ensuring no water spots or stains are left on your table your clothes by accident.

First Class Seal Ring
The adopted seal ring realizes an effective reduction in temperature loss and an extension of service span, with neither toxicant nor odor.

How to Use
1. You are advised to clean the cap, inwall and other parts thoroughly before application.
2. Some hot water or cool water can be filled into our glassed lined jug for preheating or precooling, allowing for the most preservation performance.
3. Press down the button and then water comes out of the spout.
4. Warm water and neutral detergent can perfectly resolve the problems of stubborn stains. It takes about 30 minutes for well soaking and a short time for brushing and cleaning.
5. Please keep our vacuum insulated server clean and dry for long time non-usage.

1. Hot water can be dangerous. To avoid danger of scalding or burns, children must use our teapot under guidance and watch.
2. It is forbidden to heat our glass lined jug with microwaves, ovens, induction cookers or fire.
3. This insulated thermal pot cannot function as the container of dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or easy-to-rot dairy products.
4. Don’t clean our vacuum jug with dish washing machine.
5. Considering the insulation capacity, dropping, colliding and strong impacts should be avoided.

Technical Information
The standard volume of SGP-1000K-B series is 1L, but customized glass lined thermal teapots are also available to our most valuable clients.

Item no. SGP-1000K-B
Capacity(ltr) 1.0
Packing(pcs/ctn) 6
N.w(kgs) 5.52
G.w(kgs) 7.72
Meas(mm) 490*340*301
6H Temperature( ℃ ) 75
Basic Specification
Type Insulated
Exterior Material Stainless Steel 304
Material Metal
Interior Material Glass

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