Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe / Glass Lined Vacuum Pot


Thermal Insulated Pot, Vacuum Insulated Teapot, Glass Lined Pot

Attractive Advantages of Glass Lined Insulated Thermal Pot
1. Excellent heat preservation performance. Our tests show that 100℃ hot water is filled in our jug and the temperature only decreases by 25℃ after 6 hours. Our high quality insulated thermal carafe provides a service life of 5 years.
2. Large volume. In comparison to the SGP-H series, this series jugs possess a larger water volume. We mainly sell glass lined jug of two volumes, 1L and 1.5 L, suitable for 5 people meeting or group discussion.
3. Safe and secure. The odorless and non-toxic glass shell as well as harmless silver coating offers clean and hygiene water for you.
4. FDA approved cap and seal ring. The cap is made using stainless steel, free from rust or corrosion. The leakage-proof seal ring will not be decomposed or released toxic substances under high temperature, ensuring each sip of water you drink is safe and health.

Some Details of Our Glass Lined Vacuum Pot

304 Stainless Steel Skin
The skin has been fine polished and shows a smooth surface. Our pot is produced from superior quality stainless steel, which ensures a good capacity of impact resistance and anti-corrosion. Not only that, the firm steel also protects the glass shell from breaking down.

Glass Shell
Different from stainless steel shell, the glass shell provides good insulation performance at a more attractive price. The smooth and flat inwall doesn't generate water stains and the silver coating contains no materials that are harmful for human body. When it comes to the replacement of glass shell, the base is designed openable.

Push Button
Thanks to the design of push button, our jug is very easy and safe to pour water, greatly avoiding the threats of high temperature steam. The anti-leakage spout ensures no water drop or stains left on your table, clean and convenient.

Detachable Cap & Seal Ring
A detachable cap allows for an easy and fast water refilling. The silicone sealing has passed food grade standards, safe and secure. It also achieves an effective reduction in temperature loss.

Application Methods
1. Before application, please use clean water to wash the cap and the inside.
2. Please fill a little of hot water or cool water in our teapot for preheating or precooling to guarantee a best preservation performance.
3. While using our glass lined pot, press down the button and the water will be pouring from our vacuum jug.
4. If there are tea stains or coffee stains attached on the inwall, you should make use of warm water and neutral detergent. After half an hour, a soft brush or sponge can easily clean the stains. Finally, carefully wash the internal parts with plenty of clean water.
5. For a long period of non-usage, please stay our glass lined vacuum jug clean and dry.

1. Children should use our insulated thermal pot under adults’ watch and guidance in consideration of potential scalding or burn.
2. Please do not heat our glass lined jug with microwaves, ovens, induction cookers or other heating devices.
3. Our vacuum insulated teapot can't store dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or dairy products.
4. Please don't wash our glass lined pot with the dish washing machine.
5. Our insulated thermal jug should be prevented from dropping, colliding or strong impacts to avoid deformation or declined insulation capacity.

Technical Parameters
The SGP-I insulated teapots have two kinds of water volumes, 1.0L and 1.5L. The glass lined vacuum jug can also be customized.

Item No. SGP-1000I SGP-1500I
Capacity(ltr) 1.0 1.5
Packing(pcs/ctn) 6 6
N.W(kgs) 4.9 5.5
G.W(kgs) 6.8 7.1
Meas(mm) 635*380*295 635*380*335













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