Stainless Steel Thermal Jug / Vacuum Jug


Vacuum Teapot, Thermos Air Pot, Vacuum Insulated Jug

Outstanding Features
1. This kind of insulated thermal servers is well known for its good thermal insulation and long lifespan, with a 6h temperature of 62℃ and a service life of over 5 years.
2. The slant design makes it much easier to pour water. At an angle of 25°, the water will come out of the spout.
3. The large water volume makes our thermal insulated pot ideal for individual use, watching sports games, picnic and a name a few.
4. The food-grade PP spout, stainless steel tank and silicone seal ring allow for secure and safe water.

Product Details

304stainless Steel Inner Tank
Our tank is characterized by these following features: high strength, anti-impact, corrosion resistance, easy to wash, smooth surface and more.

Wide Mouth
A wide mouth makes it easy and simple to fill water and wash interior.

Leak-Proof Spout
The spout makes use of ABS plastic for the properties of thermal resistance and corrosion resistance. The leak-proof design also avoids potential scalding or hurts, achieving a high degree of safety.

Convenient Handle
The manufacturing of handle strictly complies with human mechanics, convenient and effortless.

Detachable Lid & Seal Ring
We design this detachable lid to ease the water filling work. As for thermal loss, we equip the lid with a silicone ring, which is secure and anti-aging.

How to Use
1. For the first time application, please wash every part of our thermos teapot thoroughly with clean water.
2. A preheating or precooling process leads to an optimal insulation effect. Therefore, fill some warm water or cool water in our vacuum jug before first time usage.
3. Press down the button and tilt our vacuum air pot, water will come out of the spout.
4. If there are stubborn coffee or tea stains attached on the interior, please soak our insulated thermal vacuum jug with warm water and neutral detergent for half one hour. Then it will become easy to clean those stains up.
5. The stainless steel vacuum server should stay dry and clean for long time non-usage.

1. Children should not use our stainless steel vacuum pot by themselves.
2. Please do not heat our stainless steel thermos airpot with microwaves, ovens, induction cookers, etc.
3. It’s unwise to store dry ice, carbonated beverage, fruit juice or dairy products with our vacuum insulated pot.
4. Collision, impact or dropping should be avoided in order to avoid deformation or decreased insulation effects.

Technical Information
As for SVP-GH series, we've designed and produced two capacities: 1.6 L and 2.0L, as well as 4 colors: silver, green, purple and orange. If you have some special requirements for the capacity, color or other parameters, we’re also able to provide customized service.

Item no. SVP-1600GH SVP-2000GH
Capacity(ltr) 1.6 2.0
Packing(pcs/ctn) 6 6
N.w(kgs) 4.9 5.4
G.w(kgs) 6.6 7.1
Meas(mm) 505*350*260 505*350*290
6H Temperature(℃) 62 65






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